Hello and welcome!  We are located in the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of California, Davis; UC Davis.

Dr. Tom Gordon DSCF5175received his  B.S. and M.S. in Botany from California State University, Northridge 1976 and his PhD  in Plant Pathology from University of California, Davis 1981.  Dr. Gordon is interested in applied and basic investigations into the biology of plant pathogenic fungi, primarily species of Fusarium and Verticillium.  This work includes a particular emphasis on Pitch Canker on Pine, Verticillium Wilt on Strawberry, and Fusarium wilt on lettuce, among other various projects.


Margaret Lloyd DSCF0316joined his lab from 2009-2011 as a Master’s student.  Then returning to the lab to conduct a PhD later that year.  Margaret’s research has focused on strategies of integrated pest management for Verticillium wilt on strawberry.  The work presented in this website showcases studies into the evaluation of composts on strawberry plant canopy and root health.


Team Green is the essential group of individuals dedicated to working on this project.  Our team has been composed of undergraduate volunteers, lab assistants, junior specialists and a visiting scholar.  Altogether, an exemplary group of dedicated scientists have helped conduct the work to accomplish this project.


This piece was created by manipulating scanned images of strawberry roots. The team name, “Team Green”, comes from our research group’s goal of discovering green alternatives for strawberry fumigation (and our joint love of the color green). The strawberry roots were collected from Albion and Chandler cultivars, scanned and analyzed with the WinRhizo root analysis system, and transformed using an image manipulation program called Gimp.
by Emmi Koivunen


Meet Team Green!

Team Green

Made from scanned root images, by Emmi Koivunen

Peter Henry

Junior specialist

Ana Maria Pastrana Leon

Visiting scholar from Spain, Sept-Nov 2013

Neville Mathews and Giang Ngo

Undergraduate lab volunteers

Emmi Koivunen

Undergraduate lab assistant, 2012-2014. Emmi has graduated and continues her field pathology work with Steve Koike, UCCE plant pathologist in Salinas, CA.

Lola Quasebarth

Undergraduate research assistant, 2013-2014. Lola now works on an organic farm and will continue her degree is sustainable agriculture at UCD in the fall.