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Pivotal Times Video -
Composting for Strawberry Disease Control 2014


Establishing field trials, Fall 2013 Slideshow Gallery

Loading up at Central Coast Compost, Gonzales, CA

Transporting the compost to the field

Putting out compost

Farm advisor Chuck Ingels and farm advisor assistant Ria DeBiase help establish the compost field trial in south Sacramento.

Setting up the field trial, Sacramento

UCCE farm advisor Chuck Ingels, Sacramento, CA

Sacramento berry stand

Amendment field trial

Dr. Dan Chellemi and son working hard

after setting up the amendment field trial.

Spreading the compost, Watsonville, CA

Marking the planting holes

Some growers mark the field. This can be done directly into the soil, as seen in this picture, in which case strawberry crowns are planted before the plastic. Or the plastic can be laid and then marked with a similar tool, flamed with a circle to make the planting holes and then planted with crowns.

Replicated plots are ready to incorporate

Getting ready- 4 composts ready to go

Strawberry crowns: size range from a box of 1000 crowns


 Data, data data!  Slideshow gallery of data collection

Strawberry crowns: size range from a box of 1000 crowns

DNA extraction

Pythium surrogate assay with cucumber

Counting the frequency of V. dahliae root infections

Perry Soil Lab, Watsonville, CA

Collecting yield data

Emmi measuring and recording plant diameter

Field trial in Watsonville, CA


 Strawberry production in a nutshell

strawberry management